The Best Parenting Advice From My Mom

A mother's legacy

My mom died recently. I sit at her favorite kitchen chair, sipping coffee from her Thomas Kinkade mug, staring out the window to the huge oak tree that protects the yard.

My three-year-old stomps his feet from the living room, through the dinning room, and into the kitchen to tattle-tell on his brother. I hear the pounding and the melody of the well-loved wood floorboards that sing a particular tune.

I will miss these floorboards. They’re aged with vibrations of laughter, card games, and family Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

Life happens too fast. 

Wasn’t it just a second ago that mom lulled me to sleep in the living room by the window, singing rock-a-by baby? Didn’t my brother and I just build that fort from chairs and sheets in the backyard where he and the neighbor girl gave each other their first kiss? How has it been 25 years since I sold cups of Crystal Light lemonade for 25 cents on our front lawn?

Life happens too fast.

My baby girl now cries and I pick her up from the jumper and hold her as I type. I stare at her porcelain face and imagine my parents doing the same—from the same spot at the kitchen table.


I now take down pictures off the wall, where sun-spots remain, leaving their legacy of space. And I wonder, what is mom’s legacy?

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What is a Mother's Legacy?

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