This week I really messed up and starting sinking in my sin. I acted selfishly and allowed fear to control my thoughts and how I treated my family. When the conviction came, I drowned in shame and guilt.

I wanted to swim away from the Lord—how to face the God I love with my sin-stained failures? Yet as I twisted through the waves of accusation, He pulled the current toward Himself.

Do you ever feel a conviction about your less-than-lovely thoughts or actions? 

God’s love is ready to help you up when your sinking in sin.

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Today I almost lost it—I wanted to yell, wanted to spew hurtful words at an obstinate child. I drove to church to worship Jesus while my wonderful “Gift from the Lord” picked at my self-control resolve like woodpecker. Peck. Peck. Peck.

But the Spirit yelled within my soul: Be still. Strengthen yourself for love.

So instead of cracking, I cracked down—on self-control, loving words, and firm consequences.


Sometimes I feel like this parenting job is more like a dodgeball-throw-everything-at-mom game. And I end up crying through the bruises once the kids hit the bedtime sideline. Some days I throw back a ball (or two), but today—today—God gave me the strength for Holy Spirit resolve.

That is why I love the prayer from Paul to the Philippians. It is a wise field strategy packed in an empowering prayer pronouncement that suits us up for the ability—through Christ Jesus—to be blameless in the field of motherhood. No matter how many tantrum, name-calling, or rule-breaking balls slap against our legs.

Prayer is powerful. May this prayer from Paul to the church in Philipi be ours this week so that we can parent for the glory of God.

Prayer From Paul




I’ve been there. Hiding in my room during nap-time wishing I could just take the rest of the day off from motherhood—or snapping at the kids while they wrestle and giggle (they’re just being kids). I’ve sat on the floor in my closet crying and thinking, “I can’t do this mommy thing” and then cried some more for even thinking it.


But each time I fizzle out of patience, vision, and fortitude, I’ve learned to ask myself two questions:

  1. When did I read the Word last?
  2. How is my prayer life?

100% of the time I feel burned-out, I have been disconnected in my thought life with the Lord.

This week, let’s fill our mind with truth. Let’s cast our cares on God because He cares for us. Let’s take one step closer so we are one step further away from burn out.

For me, I am putting my Bible open on my bed stand, so when I roll over in the morning—instead of grabbing my cell and checking Facebook—I am going to take a moment and put my face in the Good Book.

‘Cause when mom burns out, everyone suffers.

God bless you, mamas and have a great week!


THIS WEEK: Choose one simple, no stress way, you can get your mind in God’s Word consistently to nourish your heart—’cause you are worth it!

This week I trudged through mental woods with lying brambles and negative poison oak—as I wait for him to answer prayers for sick loved ones, hurting friends, and an unclear future for our family.

Last night I tossed and turned, seeping tears. And God’s word shinned through the dense emotional foliage to remind me how to thrive in my thought life.

I came out the other side, clear and refreshed.

May my reminder encourage you this week.





by Seana Scott


When we stand empty-handed,

There’s room

For our palms to receive

Good gifts.


Closed-handed living

Leaves a life wasted—

And wanting.


Empty hands come

Before full hands

Of Grace.


The gift of God

Ready for

Hands finished,

Arms raised,

Tears poured—



The grace gift for

For those willing

To empty our

Fist-closed striving

And simply




By grace


This week I am reading 2 Peter and am so refreshed by the reality that Jesus is so not a fairytale. He is so unlike the Disney movies engrained in my brain this summer. Jesus is real. He is with us. And He can guide us through all our responsibilities and show us how to enjoy the summer with our youngins before they fly the nest—even when we think we might fly the nest if they don’t stop fighting over the same toy.

Here is a video less than 2 minutes to encourage you—’cause I know that is probably just short enough to watch until someone calls, “MOM!”

Have a great week!


No tale

Hi Mamas! I’m back from an unexpected blogging break. The last four weeks have included moving out of my childhood home, five different places of sleeping, airplanes and road trips. We finally are settled—temporarily—until God shows us what’s next.

We don’t know what God is up to.

So, what do we do—when we don’t know what to do?

In this week’s video, I share a thought from God’s word and my current circumstances.

Have a great week,


My family continues to encounter various trials. Death of loved ones. Broken car doors. Sickness that stretches out into weeks. Joblessness. Not knowing where to live. Saying goodbye to my childhood home—and the list goes on. No matter what the trials—big or small—they can leave us weary and discouraged. But I see progress in my own soul. Last summer I handled the trials very differently.

When we encounter hard challenges, is it possible to consider it joy?

This week’s reflection comes from James 1:1-4. I hope it encourages you.

trals joy