Motherhood is culture making.

Sometimes the repetition of sock-folding, dish-scrubbing, diaper-changing, and grocery-shopping seems mundane. Yet when we realize that motherhood is part of the grand purpose of God for us to make something of this world, the mundane turns into an avenue of purpose-driven creation.

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Are you feeling anxious mamas?

With the refugee crisis—to the unknown medical and financial future of our nation, it is no wonder lots of moms like us are asking, “What do we do with our kids?”

Are you preparing them for the political earthquakes or personal storms they will face?

Take heart. Here is an encouragement from God’s word for you.

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Prayer invites God to work in our hearts and through our lives.

Sometimes it feels intimidating. What do I pray for? Start with what you think about, since prayer is talking to God and pausing to listen.

Wondering how to reach your child’s heart? Pray.

Worried about bills? Pray.

Thankful for your kids? Pray.

Need a miracle? Pray.

God is ready to hear every thought or word directed at Him, whether in the quiet moments, on the playground, or in carpool.

Watch and be amazed at how our hearts will change and how God will move when we pray.

How about you? How have you seen the power of prayer in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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The angel Gabriel greeted Mary, “Greetings, favored one!” Favored one? What does God’s favor really look like? What can we learn from Mary’s life about God’s favor? It is most UNexpected.

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I usually am good at recognizing God’s hand in my life and thanking Him. But what do we learn from Hannah’s example when God gifted her baby Samuel after years of barrenness? How can we show God our thankfulness this year? Quick encouragement for your Thanksgiving day.