How to Stop Anger Before You Snap

I hate it when I say a harsh word or respond to my kids in an irritating tone—angry.

How can we not erupt or respond in snippy attitudes? How can we speak in a way that shows God’s love in us rather than our selfishness?

How To Stop Anger Before Your Erupt

STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. (photo courtesy of pixabay)


STOP what you are doing.

LOOK at God’s Word (or the storehouse of your heart where you have planted His Word).

LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. What is the God-honoring way to interact? Sometimes for me, I need to take a moment in the bathroom to pray and calm down. Or simply talk in a soft tone instead of a quick and harsh one. The Spirit will lead you as you lean into the truth of God’s Word.

So, next time you feel the irritation sprouting up, STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

Watch the STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. Video Here.

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