How to Have Strength for the Clamor of Needs in Our World

When it seems too much to process or handle

Mamas, this week is a heart-burdened week. I am burdened for our nation, for our children who are growing up in a time of hatred and violence—with wars and rumors of wars—with moral decay being celebrated. Just with it all. My heart is burdened with all the news filling my feed and the needs of those at my feet.

How about you?

Do you have more than you feel you can process or handle? A heart and mind filled with random thoughts of packing school lunches and senseless deaths of people in Charlottesville and Spain—and ISIS and…? — All before you have had time to finish your first cup of coffee?

This week’s video encouragement is for us. Jesus teaches us something necessary for our souls in this crazy time of life from Mark Chapter 1.

Listen closely and drink in some spiritual espresso for your week.

Praying for you, Mama.



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