When You Don’t Know What To Pray

Sometimes words turn to stone within me. I know prayer is a vital way I connect with God, but sometimes starting seems more like moving boulders rather than prayer flowing like water. In those moments, all we need to do is tell God exactly that. “God, please help me pray” can serve as the most effective place to start.

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Unwanted places
When You Are In An Unwanted Place

“No. We are not living there.” I told my husband when he suggested we move from our house in Southern California and downsize to a small apartment in student housing at seminary in Texas. “I will go, but we are not living there.”

A few months later we lived there. Away from family and known friends—in a petite apartment—in one of the last places I ever thought I would live.

And so many Kingdom connections happened while living in a crunched space those four years. I made life-time ministry friends and experienced understanding support when I traveled through depression. I miss the days of little kids growing up together in the halls of the seminary housing.

Sometimes unwanted places become strategic placements for the Kingdom.

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christmas Picture
Merry Christmas! Let’s celebrate the Savior’s birth!

I love Christmas! The music, movies, food, games, and of course giving presents. In all the fun, may you experience the true joy of the season: God sending His Son. Merry Christmas!

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great invitation
Have you considered the greatest invitation?

This season includes calendars full of invitations.

Staff parties. Family dinners. Door buster sales. Charitable giving.

But what is the greatest invitation this time of year?

Your Invitation

Have you taken time to consider the invitation of the Savior—the invitation to come, believe, and follow?

Do you know Jesus? Have you considered his invitation?

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Bridge of Faith
God Is With Us, No Matter What We Face

Today is delivery day!

And I am full of trust and faith, but staring fear in the face. I know God is with us. I know God is with baby Karis. And it is with this full confidence that God will never leave me nor forsake me, that I entrust my body to the scalpel and my heart to the new season of mothering a newborn and two older boys.

How About You?

Are you facing a fearful situation and need God to lead you through?

He is with you. He will never leave you. He will strengthen you. He will guide you.

A mighty fortress is our God
Our God is a Mighty Fortress and Sacred Refuge

I woke up this morning before the rest of the family—a rarity indeed—with this song by Christy Nockels blasting on full volume in my heart.

As I face the unknowns of surgery and a new baby in 2 days, I am choosing to keep my eyes on Jesus.

How about you?

Is there something in your life that seems threatening or unknown? Are you tempted to fear?

May this reminder be yours as well. 


God is at work behind the darkness
God is at work behind the darkness

Is God at work even when I am living in darkness?

Sometimes life seems dark. We wait for things to clear, not knowing if—or when—they will. But God is at work behind the clouds, preparing His plans and reveals them in the perfect time. Waiting. Trusting. It all requires faith.

Hear from Real Mom Dominque about her adoption story—years in the making. It may encourage you in the areas of life that seem to be more dark than light. (God is at work behind the darkness)