I Just Want My Life to Have Significance

A Devotion for Moms

The moment I wake-up, my children need me. The alarm of a crying toddler seeps through the bedroom door as he fights with brother over a lego guy, when dozens more lay on the floor next to him.

Then the baby cries. I look at the digital clock. She’s a half hour early. I guess breakfast will wait.

I pick her up and walk by the piled laundry on the on dresser—clean—half-folded. My goal is to put away laundry today. That’s been my goal all week.

Motherhood these days seems like running on a treadmill.

I work hard, running as fast as possible, yet remain in the same place, so it seems. The floors still stick, the fun craft project sits in the drawer, and the lighted Christmas tree glistens in the living room—half-way through January.

Where is the significance in all of this running? Am I just surviving or making a difference?

Life of Significance

This morning, instead of the tears that often wash my discouragement, the Holy Spirit popped an image in my mind:

Jesus taking off his outer garment and girding himself to wash the disciples feet. (John 13)

How is motherhood like washing feet? I inwardly ask the Spirit.

Answer: Leading by example in humility and service.

Jesus, God-in-the-flesh, teaches us three ways to follow Him:

To serve, to wash, and to lead through example.

To Serve: (John 13:4-5)

When he washed the disciples feet, he humbled himself from master to servant. How could this teacher, a master, wash the feet of His followers? Humility. Like Jesus’ example, most of us mamas live serving in obscure humility, even though we are teachers and one in authority over our children.

Significance in the Kingdom happens when we serve in what seems insignificant. In the Kingdom of God, we find significance through service. Significance is service.

To Wash: (John 13:10)

When Jesus said, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean,” he was teaching a spiritual lesson through physical imagery. The Spirit washed us clean when we first believed. Now we only need to continue confess our sins to be completely clean spiritually.

As moms, when we teach our children about the Lord and His grace, or model confession and forgiveness, we participate in washing them spiritually. It is still the Spirit’s work, but we enter into that work.

Significance in the Kingdom happens when we wash one another with truth.

To Lead Through Example: (John 10:14)

Jesus said, “Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.” Motherhood is like Jesus washing feet when we lead by example in physical service and spiritual nourishment.

So, mamas, whether we wake to the alarm of a crying baby or the smart phone tune, let’s stop grumbling and humble ourselves to serve, wash, and lead through example.

Our significance rests in our willingness to follow Jesus.

I hope to get to the laundry pile, but either way, I will set aside irritation and embrace the irrigation of the Spirit. When I follow Him I am at peace, even when the house is full of “zoom!”, giggles, and tears—and silence evades for the next 18 years.


God, thank you for leading by example when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. I desire to live a life that’s significant for the Kingdom and not washed away with the dirty dishes. Please, help me, oh Lord, to see the vision of service as significance. Lead my hands to Your work today. Help me be faithful to whatever that is, whether in obscurity or in the spotlight. And in eternity, take my service and multiply it for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.


How about you? What is one thing you can do today to serve, wash, or lead by example with your family? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


Sometimes words turn to stone within me. I know prayer is a vital way I connect with God, but sometimes starting seems more like moving boulders rather than prayer flowing like water. In those moments, all we need to do is tell God exactly that. “God, please help me pray” can serve as the most effective place to start.

Want more? Watch this week’s video on prayer here>>>>.

How about you? What do you do to encourage your prayer life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Prayer invites God to work in our hearts and through our lives.

Sometimes it feels intimidating. What do I pray for? Start with what you think about, since prayer is talking to God and pausing to listen.

Wondering how to reach your child’s heart? Pray.

Worried about bills? Pray.

Thankful for your kids? Pray.

Need a miracle? Pray.

God is ready to hear every thought or word directed at Him, whether in the quiet moments, on the playground, or in carpool.

Watch and be amazed at how our hearts will change and how God will move when we pray.

How about you? How have you seen the power of prayer in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

prayer tool


How Disgusting Floors Were A Gift of Grace

A Devotion

Two friends stood outside my apartment’s front door in abrasive cold wind after driving almost an hour. One walks with a cane and perseveres with daily pain. The other suffers chronic migraines.

I shuffled the kids downstairs to unlock the security doors and led our guests up to our 9th floor apartment–disgusting floors and all.

“So, how can we help?” My mentor asked.

Disgusting floors (more…)

Eternity-sized life

Sometimes life looks blah. Nothing big is happening, so we think. But when we live every day following Jesus, eternity is impacted for the better.

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How to Plan Your Year With Eternal Impact

A simple guide. A dangerous prayer.

Years ago I started a dangerous prayer:


Lord, do what you need to do in me and through my life so I make the biggest impact possible for eternity.


God’s first answer confused me.

If I asked Him to use my life for BIG eternal impactthen why did God remove me from mission work to station me in the walls of my home raising kids?

Really? THIS is making a large impact for eternity?

I use to see effectiveness in life according to my perception of results. I want to be on-mission for the Kingdom, so that must mean impacting a large amount of people—here and now—and being involved in numerous hours of “ministry” work, right?

It took six years of spiritual wrestling for me to learn the lesson I now offer you:

Eternal Impact


Unwanted places

“No. We are not living there.” I told my husband when he suggested we move from our house in Southern California and downsize to a small apartment in student housing at seminary in Texas. “I will go, but we are not living there.”

A few months later we lived there. Away from family and known friends—in a petite apartment—in one of the last places I ever thought I would live.

And so many Kingdom connections happened while living in a crunched space those four years. I made life-time ministry friends and experienced understanding support when I traveled through depression. I miss the days of little kids growing up together in the halls of the seminary housing.

Sometimes unwanted places become strategic placements for the Kingdom.

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How about you? Have you experienced an unwanted place that became a blessing? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The Gospel message is something I forget to apply to myself daily. This short video reminds us moms about the love of God and the freedom we have in Him.