One Word That Will Help You Refresh

Listen to This!

Hi mamas. I’m spent. Are you?

The presents are unwrapped and the sweet potatoes are packed in the storage container and shoved into the overflowing fridge. The family had a blast (and I did too), but whew! I’m spent.

And at the same time, magically refreshed. How can I be spent and refreshed?

By one simple word:


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I listened. I listened to my kids laugh, gasp, cry, and babble. I listened to my son narrate his Star Wars Lego battle—for hours.


I listened to the music, the fire, the butter sizzling on the stove, and the silent snow drifting down.


I listened to my heart. Remembering Santa and the way mom made Christmas magical with decorations and stockings stuffed, and watching It’s A Wonderful Life every year—and how dad would barely crawl out of bed when we woke up before the sun to open gifts.

And I listened to the screeching ache in my chest as I yearn for one more day with them, even though they are with Jesus. And I thanked God for every Christmas with them.


I listened to God’s Word as I read Scripture reminding me of His unfathomable love in Jesus Christ.

Mamas, all you need to do is listen.

This year, listen. Listen to your God. His Word is refreshing, igniting, reviving, and restoring.


And keep on listening.

Because sometimes we speed by—faster and faster—faster, faster. And the world of laying on the carpet listening to a child zoom a truck around your legs is lost—forever. And we feel spent instead of refreshed.

  • The smiles get missed.
  • Saying “presidents” instead of “presents” gets missed.
  • The tickle-sessions, cuddling and reading a good book, and the gift of watching your kids ride bikes down the road gets missed.

So, listen to refresh your soul.

Listen to the One and Only True Living God. Listen to the creation around you and the loved ones beside you.


Many times Jesus encouraged his followers to LISTEN! “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” (Matt. 11:14)

  • May you have ears to hear this year. Hear the Lord through His Word and the leading of His Spirit. And hear the symphony of the life around you.
  • We always have time to listen. We don’t always have time for extended solitude to refresh our souls with the Lord (which is wonderful when we do). But we do have time every day to listen. God is with us and His Spirit lives inside those who trust in Jesus.
  • May His Word also richly dwell within you, so that the Spirit may bring to mind all that we have been taught…as we listen.


God, please help me listen so I’m not missing the life You have for me. And when I’m distracted, please help me refocus. I want to hear from You and fully embrace the blessings in my life. Most importantly, my blessing in You. AMEN.

Question: What helps you listen and be present in your life? To leave a comment, just click here.

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