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Get This 1 Thing Right and Everything Changes

My Instagram feed splashes images of quick quotes and inspirational verses intended to remind me of living for Jesus. But this week they seemed to skim my soul rather than refresh it. There is something deeper needed for powerful living than quick tips— the same thing is needed for powerful parenting.

What do we need for powerful parenting?

Powerful Parenting

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Mamas, the source for powerful parenting is the Gospel.

God the Father, sent His Son, who is God in the flesh, to live a perfect life and become our sacrifice.

I know, you Christian mamas roll your inner eyes and say, “Yeah, yeah. The Gospel. I know. But what else? How can I be a better parent/wife/friend?”

Simple: Remember the Gospel. 

If we can get this simple Gospel thing right, then everything changes, including our parenting. Because if we try to live like parenting (or life) depends on our effort or work, we miss out on what Jesus Christ lived and died to provide: grace.

Grace frees us.

Grace frees us from long to-dos and never-ending efforts that leave us exhausted and defeated. Grace frees us from work—earning God’s love or a magical seal of approval for awesome parenting.

Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection have more to do with parenting than any wisdom out there. When we remember the Gospel, our hearts become aligned with the heart of God and THAT, mamas, is powerful stuff.

For by grace you have been saved

How Does the Gospel Empower Our Parenting?

When we remember the gospel, we refresh our hearts to not depend on our own abilities, but to yield to the Spirit’s work in our lives.

We stop striving and start thriving. 

3 Encouragements from the Gospel:

  • We are powerless, but we know the All-Powerful One. (Romans 5:6)
  • We are not expected to be perfect, but to confess and repent—sometimes hourly. (1 John 1:19)
  • The Father is always ready to forgive and welcome us into His presence through Jesus Christ, our Lord. (Psalm 86:5)

3 Ways the Gospel Powers our Parenting:

  • Frees us from the guilt of our imperfections, to place our confidence in God’s love.
  • Helps us to extend grace and forgiveness to our children.
  • Empowers us to flee from sin and live for Jesus as a model to our children.

Mamas, this week, remember the Gospel and allow God’s Spirit to be the source of your power for parenting.


Father, God, thank You for Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive me for all my sin, the ones I know about and the ones I do not. Please forgive me for (name sin). Thank You for freeing me from death and giving me the gift of life by Your grace alone. Help me to walk in Your presence this week so I may live for You, whether I am parenting or simply serving you every moment. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.


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  • I love this reminder, Seana. How powerful the gospel is in all contexts! Thanks for putting it where it should begin for us.

    • Thanks, Wayne. The Gospel is so beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂