How Losing My Things Is a Treasure This Christmas

Reflection from Matthew 6 and a Rotten Moving Company

We’ve been in our house since October—and our belongings haven’t arrived. Two months of no answers, no date for delivery, and no bed for the boys or a kitchen blender.

I thank God we have enough to buy necessities, but every day I wonder, will we ever see our things? Will Jason get back all his books (and notes) from seminary? Will I see all the handmade gifts my kids have made since they were born? How about the child rocker handed down in our family from one generation to the next?

At this point, I’m not sure. My heart grieves these treasures—and then God reminds me of something.

Losing Things Is a Treasure

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

God Reminds Me: Those Aren’t My Treasures.

Oh sure, it feels like it. Some moments it feels like thieves broke into my home and stole everything, even my inner peace.

This experience reminds me of Matthew Chapter 6, when Jesus warns his followers to not store up for ourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.

It reminds me also of cleaning out mom’s home after she passed this year. She breathed her last a month earlier then when we arrived to clean out the house—just a month—and moths were already feasting on her cotton sheets and wool carpets.

Moths and Thieves. That’s what becomes of treasures on earth.

Real Treasures This Christmas

The real treasures this Christmas are not the presents wrapped in ribbon, grandma’s chocolate cookies, or the tree decorated with heirloom ornaments.

The real treasures this Christmas are the people we know—and the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ by faith alone (Ephesians 2:8-9).

People. Salvation.

So as we enjoy the Christmas season—buying and giving gifts, treasuring the tangible in our lives. Let’s remember: Gifts aren’t the treasures. Houses aren’t the treasures—

Let’s store up for ourselves loving, serving, and sharing the Good News with people this season. The wrapping paper will rip and be tossed. The toys will break eventually. The sweater will be stained by the toddler who uses it as a napkin for jam-kissed hands.

People are the real treasures that last forever.

Of course, give gifts and celebrate! It’s Jesus’ birthday! But the real gifts—the real treasures—are people. Jesus came because God so loved the world, the people in the world.

Jesus’ real treasures are people. 


God, thank You for the treasures in my life, the people who You have blessed me with. Please help me to value people more than things, traditions, or schedules this Christmas. I want to love well because You loved us well by sending Your Son. Help me, God, to store up my treasures in Heaven. In Jesus’ name I pray by the power of Your Holy Spirit, AMEN.

Question: What is something you enjoy doing with people during Christmas? To leave a comment, just click here.


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