How to Live a Life of Faith

A Christmas Wreath Parable

This week we Decked the Halls. Twinkle lights strung on the Christmas tree, stockings hung by the fire, Frank Sinatra holiday tunes, and energized boys running laps around the kitchen.

In all the holiday fun, I decided to take some berry branches I grabbed at the craft store and make a small, simple wreath to hang on a coat hook by our front door.

Not so simple.

These cloth-covered wire thingy-ma-bobs kept popping out of place as I shoved and twisted. Ugh. Why did they make them so hard to bend?

As I twisted and formed the wired branches, God whispered some wisdom.

How to Live a Life of Faith

Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Hard to Bend

Sometimes I’m like the hard-to-bend berry branch. God sees something He wants to do in my life for His glory and I hold stiff against His hand with a hardened lack of faith.

  • Like the time He wanted me to quit my job—did I hear that right?
  • Or the time He asked me to lead a small group—
  • And the time He blessed me with a third child when I didn’t think I could handle one. More. Thing.

Mary’s Bendable Heart

Mary, Jesus’ mom, bent easily to God’s guidance. I always marvel at her response to the Angel Gabriel. Even though becoming pregnant before marriage would be quite scandalous, she trusted God fully with the impossible and didn’t back away from the uneasy and difficult.

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary said (Luke 1:38)—Humbly released to the curving and twisting of her life in God’s hands.

And God used her willingness and faithfulness to change the world.

Will We Yield in Faith to God’s Hand?

Are you willing?

Are you willing to let God bend and shape you for His good, pleasing, and perfect plan to bring Him glory through your life?

  • Sometimes it means difficulty—like Mary and Joseph fleeing Judea in the middle of the night and living in Egypt to protect baby Jesus’ life.
  • Sometimes it means ignoring critics—like the murmurs and judgements cast at Mary and Joseph for a pregnancy out of wedlock.

But when we bend to the Lord, He changes us—and blesses the world through us.

I want to bend more easily to the Lord’s unexpected plans in my life this next year. Will you join me?


Father, God, thank You for Jesus—and for the mother You chose for him. I want to be used by you in powerful ways, but sometimes I am scared about what You might ask me to do. Please, use me. And please give me the faith and trust to say, “yes” to whatever You ask. AMEN.

Question: How have you seen God use you when you yielded to Him? Please share your encouraging comment with us! To leave a comment, just click here.

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