Kids? But I want to serve God in big ways.

“I don’t know if I want kids. I want to do great things for the Lord. I am afraid kids will limit me.”

Words from a dear friend a couple weeks ago continue to mull around my mind.  Are children a blessing? Can we serve God in “big ways” and still be moms? These questions seem to haunt not only my friend, but myself… and I am sure others. Here is what I have learned in response to these questions the past five years as a mama:

1. Our lives are eternal. Something so small today, turns into huge impact down the road–like the example Jesus uses of a mustard seed of faith that turns into a large tree where the birds nest in its branches.

How we love well in the middle of the night and in the moments of teenagers rolling their eyes during the day… are seeds sown into the hearts of future grown men and women who will impact a generation we won’t even be around to see. Then they will have children… and they will have children… and they will have children… until the Lord returns. The multiplication of Christ-centered parenting in the view of eternity outweighs that of a few thousand people you may speak to on a stage or the portfolio you might build in your estate. Life on life ministry, especially to little ones living in our homes… has mighty, long, and lasting eternal impact.

2. Obedience is the “big” thing. I too want to do “big things” for the Lord. I dream of a best-selling Christian book that God uses to change lives. I dream of businesses launched to fund ministry and missions. I dream of serving alongside my pastor husband and having a speaking circuit encouraging others. I dream big. But, unless my dreams are tempered in yielding to the One who made me, they are rooted in pride.

God may choose to use me to be faithful in the seemingly “small” things in life—for the rest of my life. I must learn (I am still learning) that in the grand scheme of eternity, it is obedience to my part as he assigns that matters most. Not how many people read this blog post or if I am invited to some large platform to speak someday. Obedience is the big thing and the reward in heaven is bountiful for those who remain faithful, regardless of how the world (even the church world) sees our “success.”

3. Children are a blessing. We hear this and see this saying drawn on nursery decoration, but do we believe it? When the tantrums burst or the curfew is ignored, do we remember?

Nowhere… I repeat, nowhere in the Bible are children called a curse. They are called blessings and arrows among other things—and Jesus even uses them as an example of how we should approach our Father in heaven. So, whether you need to plaster every wall in your home with scripture decoration or post something on your rearview mirror… remember this: Children are a blessing from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children on ones’ youth. (see Psalm 127:3-4)

One of Satan’s best strategies of keeping Christian homes distracted is the lie that children are just a part of our family.  Children are the world tomorrow and the years in the home set the course of their decades on their own.

4. You have a legacy without kids. Children are a part of the legacy for those who are blessed with them. But whether or not someone has progeny, does not change if they have a legacy. A legacy is what you leave behind to those who remain when you depart. What will your legacy be?  If you have kids… that is where we start.

What do you think about impacting this world for Jesus and raising kids?  Please leave a comment.

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