Grey-haired Ladies and the Truth of Following Jesus

I am drawn to grey haired ladies that love Jesus. I just want to hear their stories of faith tested and life-lessons learned. To see and hear all God has accomplished in their lives amazes me.

The one question I always ask: how did you do it? How were you able to accomplish so much for the Kingdom in your life?

The answer I often hear back: I learned to trust God and follow.

They didn’t set out to “change the world”, only to seek His face. They didn’t come up with a “10 point strategy for leaving a legacy”, they just stuck to the one point focus: Jesus Christ Himself.

And they learned, often through trial and error (and lots of forgiveness and repentance) that doing things God’s way is the better choice. And they stuck at it, day in and day out.

I am thinking about these beautiful grey-haired ladies tonight as I ponder my priorities and check-list for this season. And realize… I am just going to put one thing on my checklist today: trust God and follow.

That means, I am going to take to Him all my to-dos, all my dreams, all my fears… and let Him for once order them the way they need to be. Trust God and follow.

What sweet relief it is to know the God of the universe, that holds everything in balance, is holding His plans for my life in balance as well. I need not fear, nor strive, nor calculate. Just trust and follow.

Now, when He leads me to take scary leaps of faith, I must follow. When He leads me to wash yet another load of laundry, I must follow. When He places a sweet toddler with a face like mine in front of me to play cars, I must follow.

It is following moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, year to year… and then some other young gal will ask me down the road when she sees all God has done with my life and I will say:

I learned to trust God and follow.

 Will you join me? Let’s trust God and follow whatever He may bring our way. Whether sorrows or joys, difficult jobs or dream positions, whether many children or barrenness… He has a plan that is far beyond our comprehension and better than we ever dreamed.

Looking forward to seeing all He accomplishes in 2015 as we trust God and follow.  Praying for the courage and faith for us to “leave our nets” and follow Him (Matthew 4:19-20).

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