God’s Comfort and Hope When Kids Are Deathly Sick

Real Mom Seana Scott

I jumped into the car after a long delayed flight from Los Angeles to Dallas. Hubs said, “Kavin is not feeling well. I think we need to take him to the E.R.” I looked back at my usually spunky 6-year-old, laying hunched over and breathing like Darth Vader.

“Yes. We need to go.”

It’s been 6 years since he lay in the hospital, not knowing if we would ever take him home.

They called him right away and checked his breathing. His oxygen levels were low so they started him on breathing treatments to open his airways.

God's Comfort and Hope When Kids Are Deathly Sick

“He is not in good shape,” the attending nurse practitioner said. “He needs meds, fluids, and help getting control of breathing. We will need to keep him for a while.”

Flash back to when Kavin arrived on April 2, 2010. “We need to take your baby to another hospital. He is in bad shape and can’t breathe on his own.”

Peace In The Waiting

Yet this time I sat in the emergency room with quiet, still confidence. I watched my God rescue Kavin from the brink of death those years ago, heal him at miraculous rate, sustain us through the kindness of others and the strength of His Spirit, and lead us these last years to helping him on his healing journey through steroid withdrawal and intense nutritional problems.

Let Us Give Thanks

This morning I read Psalm 107. It shares the plight of people in various kinds of misery. They call out to God and He rescues them.

Verse 31 says, Let us give thanks to the Lord for his love and the miracles he does for people. (NCV)

So, today, I am simply giving thanks to the Lord. To proclaim once again that He saved my son from death, and continues to lead us through desert times as we raise Him with complicated medical needs.

Kavin regained his breathing this time too, thanks be to God.

God Can Help You

God can help you through your desperate moments. When we call out to Him, His presence carries us through the valley of the shadow of death. (Psalm 23)

We still stumble through many health and parenting challenges with Kavin, but God always gives me wisdom when I ask, an idea when I plead, and comfort when I fear.

He reminded me through this week’s hospital visit just how far He has brought us. Nurses warned us that we might not take Kavin home when a hole in his diaphragm threatened his life as a newborn. Nurses also stood in shock, waving us on, when we walked out of NICU with our baby boy weeks later.


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Give thanks to the LORD because He is good. His love continues forever. That is what those whom the LORD has saved should say. (Psalm 107:1-2a, NCV)

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  • What a great story, Seana, and how encouraging. God helped me in a difficult transition between ministries. The farther away that event becomes each year, the more I see how much the Lord was there all along. Gives me encouragement also for the future. Thanks.

    • Thank you for sharing, Wayne. Sometimes I wish we could see clearly what God allows us to see later when we go through difficult times. Glad you can see more clearly now.

  • Rebecca Kavin

    Praise God!