How God Prepared Me For Fostering To Adopt

One Real Mom's story of grief and gift

Dominque and Daniel decided to adopt internationally from the start of their marriage.

How God Prepared Me For Fostering To Adopt

How God Prepared Me For Fostering To Adopt

They waited on God through stacks of papers, prayers for government favor, and years of friends starting their own families. Dominque launched a late-night cake pop business on the side of her full-time schedule to pay for adoption fees.

They tasted amazing.

After years of endurance, the agency called with the words they prayed for: they were down to only a handful of parents on the waiting list. Now excitement added to the ingredients of patience and perseverance. Weeks before the finalization of their adoption they received more news.

Ethiopian Adoption Corruption

Although Dominque and Daniel legitimately longed to care for and love their Ethiopian child, stories of adoption corruption and child abuse started to stir mistrust in the Ethiopian government. The governmental leaders, in an effort to protect Ethiopian children from wrong-doers and profit seekers, closed the gates to international adoption.

Corruption locked children away from the loving homes they will never see.

Adoption Closed

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In their sorrow, Dominque and Daniel surrendered—

surrendered years of preparation and sifting through red tape—

surrendered hundreds of prayers and tears—

surrendered the children they longed to welcome—

surrendered their dreams of their family to the Lord.

God is at work behind the darkness

As they healed, God worked beyond the darkness of grief.

While they walked through international adoption, they also wrote through stacks of paperwork for Los Angeles foster care system. After two months of grieving the loss of their Ethiopian adoption, they turned their eyes towards fostering to adopt locally.

When they contacted the foster care agent to move forward, they discovered the “infant crisis.”—babies left at the hospital with not enough approved homes to care for them.

Would they adopt a baby instead of a child?

I always thought that older kids were needed to be adopted more than babies. Everyone wants babies, right?” Dominque said. “But when we heard they need people to take babies, I said ‘heck yeah.'”

They also wanted to start their family with siblings, if needed. So the agent kept that in mind and Dominque prepared to transition from working to staying home.

It felt weird becoming a housewife when we didn’t have kids, but Daniel thought it was the right time for me to quit my job, so I trusted him.” She said.

Two days after Dominque left the workplace, they received the call: twin babies, a boy and a girl, needed a home. The mother already released her rights to the kids.

Two days! I went from working full-time to being a full-time mom of premature twin babies.”

Dominque reflects on what God showed her.

Five years ago I would have said no to this. I would have said no to two babies with complications. It took the journey of the last five years for God to grow us to be open and ready.”

Are you waiting on God to move in your life?

Waiting space is not wasted space when we focus on what God is doing in our midst in the meantime. God is growing you to enter into the future He is preparing.

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. -Psalm 27:13-14

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