God Has a Gift For You This Valentine’s

Romans 3:23-24

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s. I love making cards with the kids and reminding people I love them—I hate the expectations of needing to do something. Kind of feels fake if it’s expected.

And then there’s the question, what is love? If it were up to marketing, love must come with roses and diamonds—or breakfast in bed—or kissing on the beach at sunset. Then come kids and the love picture shifts. Love now looks like pictures of mom and dad kissing in a field while kids go crazy.

Whatever picture of love we grasp for, the gifts it offers don’t last. Like a dozen roses, they seem sweet for a moment, but just wither and are thrown out with the weekly trash.

But God has something greater for us, ladies. God has a gift for you this Valentine’s. It’s not wrapped in foil. It doesn’t melt in our mouth. But, oh, it’s the sweetest gift of love—and it’s yours this Valentine’s. Listen below.

God has a Gift For You This Valentine's


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