How to Find Strength When You’re Weary

Reflection from Isaiah 40

We all grow weary in life—when the days seem blended together in a stale soup. We read our Bibles but the words taste bland and watered down.

Where’s the power?

We are just tired. Very tired. Sometimes even depressed.

When we feel like we are wandering the wilderness with an unknown end, fighting against laundry piles of bitterness, fear, anger, or depression how can we find strength?

Isaiah 40 reminds us of a simple way to find strength when we are weary.

Strength When You're Weary

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In Weary Captivity

The Israelites are in captivity because of their sin. They feel weary and hopeless, but God hears their prayers (and yours too). He reminds them who He is through the prophet Isaiah.

Remember Who God Is

He is unlike the pagan idols of Babylon, which are made of gold, silver or wood (vs. 18-20).

  • Our God sits above and circles the earth (vs. 22)
  • Our God stretches out the heavens like a curtain (vs. 22)
  • Our God reduces rulers to nothing (vs. 23)
  • Our God has created the stars (vs. 26)
  • Our God is the everlasting God (vs. 27)

Remember What He Gives

He gives strength and power to the weary and mightless. (vs. 29)

Put Your Hope In Him

What are you putting your hope in?

  • Job to change?
  • Kids to change?
  • Home to change?
  • Bank account to change?

Maybe the 1 thing we need to change is our focus: to hope in God.

Waiting is not passive, we work in waiting. We push against grabbing onto our way, our plan, and our desires. Then we yield— surrender— and let go of control.

That’s when the strength of God comes, when we stop depending on our own strength.


In Weary Captivity, remember who God is, remember what God gives, and put your hope in Him.


Father God, thank You for hearing our prayers. I need Your strength today. Please help me to place my hope in You about (tell him what you are weary about). I need Your strength through the power of Your Holy Spirit. I cannot do life on my own ability or might. Please help me, oh God. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.


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