How Disgusting Floors Were A Gift of Grace

A Devotion

Two friends stood outside my apartment’s front door in abrasive cold wind after driving almost an hour. One walks with a cane and perseveres with daily pain. The other suffers chronic migraines.

I shuffled the kids downstairs to unlock the security doors and led our guests up to our 9th floor apartment–disgusting floors and all.

“So, how can we help?” My mentor asked.

Disgusting floors


I spent most of the day before their arrival scurrying through the apartment: putting away lego arms, trains, stray socks, and piled dishes. Our home’s order exploded into chaos the last couple of months as we welcomed our baby girl and hosted family for Christmas (and two active boys living in a compact space).

“Can you guys clean our floors and bathrooms?” I asked.

My friends drove almost an hour to scrub, steam, and polish my floors and bathrooms. My friends who suffer from their own constant physical challenges offered themselves to meet my physical need.

Just weeks before, I stared at the sticky and crunchy floors, wondering when I would have the time and energy to clean them. With three kiddos, keeping cars in the toy box and floors clear of dinner droppings seems more like distance running on a treadmill; I run fast but stay in the same place.

Sure. Hubs helps. Kids help. But we needed a deep cleaning, not the swish and swipe of good enough.

As I watched my mentor and her husband tend my place as their own, a couple emotions surfaced in me. 

First, Embarrassed.

Why should they clean the filthiest parts of my home?

Then, I felt humbled.

The Spirit reminded me that God did my ultimate dirty work on the cross.

God’s Dirty Work

It was all because of love that He humbled himself under false accusations. He offered His whole body on the cross and suffered through lashes and extreme beatings to clean up our refuse– every sinful thought or action.

My friends gifted me clean floors and bathrooms, but more than that, a glimpse of God’s deep humility in His offering grace to us.

Grace. Sanitizing the refuse in our hearts by the way of total forgiveness.

My friends volunteered to clean dirty toilets. Jesus volunteered to clean dirty souls. Are we humble enough to let Him in to scrub deeply? When was the last time you looked at the floors of your heart?

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9


This week I invite you to declutter your spiritual house and let Jesus do some dirty work in your soul.

Some call it a spiritual inventory. Some call it honest assessment. I call it a spiritual house cleaning.

God’s grace is ready to slop up our mess.


God, thank you for Jesus. Thank you for grace. Please help me see the sin within that so easily stains and clutters my heart. I need your grace and forgiveness to guide where I cannot see so I can be free. Then please help me to ask for forgiveness and change. In Jesus’s name, amen.

Question:How do you find time for spiritual house cleaning as a busy mom? To leave a comment, just click here.

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