by Seana Scott


When we stand empty-handed,

There’s room

For our palms to receive

Good gifts.


Closed-handed living

Leaves a life wasted—

And wanting.


Empty hands come

Before full hands

Of Grace.


The gift of God

Ready for

Hands finished,

Arms raised,

Tears poured—



The grace gift for

For those willing

To empty our

Fist-closed striving

And simply




By grace


The Best Parenting Advice From My Mom

A mother's legacy

My mom died recently. I sit at her favorite kitchen chair, sipping coffee from her Thomas Kinkade mug, staring out the window to the huge oak tree that protects the yard.

My three-year-old stomps his feet from the living room, through the dinning room, and into the kitchen to tattle-tell on his brother. I hear the pounding and the melody of the well-loved wood floorboards that sing a particular tune.

I will miss these floorboards. They’re aged with vibrations of laughter, card games, and family Thanksgiving turkey dinners.

Life happens too fast. 

Wasn’t it just a second ago that mom lulled me to sleep in the living room by the window, singing rock-a-by baby? Didn’t my brother and I just build that fort from chairs and sheets in the backyard where he and the neighbor girl gave each other their first kiss? How has it been 25 years since I sold cups of Crystal Light lemonade for 25 cents on our front lawn?

Life happens too fast.

My baby girl now cries and I pick her up from the jumper and hold her as I type. I stare at her porcelain face and imagine my parents doing the same—from the same spot at the kitchen table.


I now take down pictures off the wall, where sun-spots remain, leaving their legacy of space. And I wonder, what is mom’s legacy?

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What is a Mother's Legacy?

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This week I am reading 2 Peter and am so refreshed by the reality that Jesus is so not a fairytale. He is so unlike the Disney movies engrained in my brain this summer. Jesus is real. He is with us. And He can guide us through all our responsibilities and show us how to enjoy the summer with our youngins before they fly the nest—even when we think we might fly the nest if they don’t stop fighting over the same toy.

Here is a video less than 2 minutes to encourage you—’cause I know that is probably just short enough to watch until someone calls, “MOM!”

Have a great week!


No tale

How can we ensure we leave our kids an enduring inheritance?  What can we do right now to make deposits? This week’s encouragement comes from 1 Peter Chapter 1.

inheritance that wont fade away

What to do When You Can’t See God’s plans?

I sit on a desk chair in an old brick house that serves as a hotel suite for long-term stays—for other nomads like me—in a city that might be our new home.

We’ve made numerous plans these months for where to live and what to do for ministry. The wind catches our ideas and blows them away.

And I sit down again—plan-less.

Do you ever wonder what God’s plan is? How you can serve the kingdom more? What to do for a job? How to raise your family?

What do we do when we can’t see God’s plans?

Can't see God's Plans?


Hi Mamas! I’m back from an unexpected blogging break. The last four weeks have included moving out of my childhood home, five different places of sleeping, airplanes and road trips. We finally are settled—temporarily—until God shows us what’s next.

We don’t know what God is up to.

So, what do we do—when we don’t know what to do?

In this week’s video, I share a thought from God’s word and my current circumstances.

Have a great week,


I’m in California slowly sorting through a lifetime of memories as we sell my childhood home. One of my insights is a motherhood epiphany. Listen and be encouraged, mamas!

How to Walk by Faith in the Real World

In one week our family will be jobless and homeless. Okay, that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. My husband finishes his ministry commitment in Fort Worth this week and our lease ends on our apartment Sunday. We still don’t know where God is leading us in this next season of ministry.  When I call out to God as fear swirls within, the Spirit softly speaks, “Walk by faith.”

How do mamas walk by faith in the real world?


Walk by Faith

Remember what God has done.

The Bible is full of impossible things becoming possible.

Of course there is the Red Sea escape, a rock turning into a flowing spring, and bread appearing just in time every morning—while the Israelites wandered in their land of unknowns.

Then there’s the murderer who turned into a great evangelist, the dead child whom Jesus raised to life, and fishermen becoming leaders in a world-wide movement of God—just to name a few.

Remember our own journeys.

As I look back at my own God-story, I see Him doing many impossible things. First and ultimate, softening my stubborn heart to turn to Him—and another was saving my son from the point of death when he was born—or that time we had $67 left in the bank in seminary and someone gave us a large financial gift.

Trust God is with us (Matt. 28:20).

He will never leave. He never gives up, walks out, or stops hanging out. He is our counselor, teacher, guide, and shepherd. God is with us.

Stay in His Word and in prayer.

Speak truth in your heart (Psalm 15:2). Those nasty peace-destroyers of doubt, fear, and lies wiggle their way into our hearts if we let them. Keep reading. Keep praying, even when it feels weird or distant.

 My little ditty I tell myself: Open the Word and put some in, so my heart’s set on Him and not on sin.

Do the next thing we know to do.

For me, it’s pack another box. Don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. As we wait on God we will be making a stop in California while my mom’s house sells and I say goodbye to the home I grew up in.

Scriptures to encourage you:

on my way

So, how do we walk by faith in motherhood? Remember what God has done. Trust God is with us. Stay in His Word and in prayer. Do the next thing we know to do.


God, thank you that I can trust you. You promise to never leave me or forsake me. I trust that you will meet all my needs according to your glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Even if I walk through dark trials, your presence sustains me. Help me to see your path when the way seems most unclear. I want to follow You. AMEN.


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Sometimes our circumstances weigh us and bring us to our knees. We cry out to God, but silence. Where is God in our Gethsemane seasons?