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Re-examining Women in the Bible

Mamas, how we understand the Bible—and especially women of the Bible—matters for our lives and the next generation. Biblical women are our example of how to live (and sometimes not live) as God-honoring women today. And what we share about these stories with the next generation, shapes how they perceive themselves as godly men and women.

So, I am excited to share with you a fascinating project that benefits the International Justice Mission.

vindicating the vixens

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My mentor, Dr. Sandra Glahn, edited a compilation of 16 authors’ work called Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting sexualized, vilified, and marginalized women of the BibleWith a high regard for the inerrancy of scripture and solid approach to accurately handling the Biblical text, a diverse team of scholars revisit assumptions and labels of these select women that grace the pages of scripture.

They simply wanted to know: Is what we assume about these women true to the text? Is what we understand about these women from the Bible an accurate picture of what the author originally communicated?

We can consider our own preconceived assumptions as we follow scholars as they peel back layers of insight and wisdom. And the gift received? A greater understanding of women from the Bible.

So, will you join me? I am looking forward to re-visiting women from the Bible. There is much to learn.

Buy your copy of Vindicating the Vixens on Amazon.

Leaders read and readers lead. Let’s lead the next generation well.


Disclosure: I was not paid for this post and personally support this project because of the value I think it adds to the conversation about women from the Bible. This blog contains affiliate links, which helps with the personal costs of hosting this site.



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