And The Award Goes To…

I sat towards the middle of the Scofield Memorial Church sanctuary. I listened as names were called for awards of achievement at the 2016 Dallas Theological Seminary graduation chapel. “Jason deserves an award,” I thought. But not one recognized by institutions, one recognized by me.

You see, Jason sacrificed every day to meet the needs of his family and those who crossed his path. He set aside study time to roll on the floor, tickling his boys, or reading books to his toddler over and over. He labored late into the night, sometimes all through the night to write papers, so the people he cared for or needed him didn’t lack. Including me. He always makes time for me when I need him.

This last semester of seminary has been rough on our family for various reasons and Jason has stepped up to be the man we need him to be—for us. For his family.

To Jason, family is always his first ministry. And because of this, I can confidently follow where God leads us without fear of abandonment to the demands pastoring can have on family life.

So the award for the “Best Seminary Husband and Father of the Graduating Class of 2016 at Dallas Theological Seminary” goes to Jason Scott.

A man of integrity, sacrifice, commitment, prayerfulness, passion for God’s Word and all people—believers and non-believers. I am honored to celebrate him today.

And he still excelled in his grades. Graduating with a 3.81 (yes, I am proud). Two points missed because he put others before himself. Congrats on a job well done, hon!

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  • Danni Mencer

    So very proud of him, and you! God has an amazing plan for you!!!

  • Cecelia

    What a precious tribute to your wonderful husband, Seana!! You are an amazing wife and caring mother!! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs on FB so others could know they were not alone!!! I know God had GREAT things for you and Jason and the ministry He has called you to. Please know that Gene and I will always be praying for you!! We love you very much!!
    Gene And Cecelia Richardson

  • Barry Jones

    Congratulations on a well-deserved award, Jason! Love it! ?

  • Ephraim

    So proud of this man the took time of his busy studies to encourage me as a pastor. Well done my friend. I know your are going to be a great blessing to many people in the kingdom of God. You receive the best award.