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My Story

Motherhood has been a struggle for me. Stressing over homemade organic baby food and reading before kindergarten is just the surface of my obsession to control the fears I swallowed to keep hidden in my soul. Many fears simmered (and some still do). Fears of ruining my kids. Fears of wasting my life. Fears of never having a full night of deep sleep again. I smiled. Wore the mask of “Jesus loves me so all is well,” when I continually covered up the symptoms of a sour heart with pithy sayings and pep-talk. And I was a Christian.

Then Jesus.

In a deep tunnel of depression after moving to a new city, pregnant, with no friends and an unknown future—and two boys constantly fighting in our tiny apartment—I met Jesus again.

Simple words flushed out the toxins in my soul as God whispered, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

No 5 Steps To Never Ruining Your Kids or How to Be the Best Mom By Summer. Jesus.

And I am still on the journey of learning how Jesus’ truth and love really are enough—enough to feed my weary soul and help me feed the souls at my kitchen table.

The world is messy, mamas. And so are our hands with milk spills, dirt-pasted faces, and toy explosions. So, lets walk the messy journey together and help carry the buckets of sorrows or splash in the moments of joy—together.

Real. Faith. Moms.

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I’m a freelance writer, speaker, seminary student, and blogger. My favorite places in the world are on a trail with my family—or by myself writing in some little nook on a comfy chair with a hot cup of coffee.

You can check out some of my writing  CTWomen, Bible.org, and ChristianParenting.org.

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