One Small Practice for Big Spiritual Growth

For busy moms. So simple. So powerful.

Mamas, it’s hard find time to savor connecting with Jesus and seeking spiritual growth in these years of morning school rush and a baby hanging on your hip. I get it. I no longer use an alarm because someone is always up before the sun—and I pop out of bed like a military recruit running to formation.

But I missed Jesus. I mean, His Spirit lives in me and He is always with me, but I missed those early morning times I used to have with a warm cup of coffee and silence—oh silence—to pray to the Father, journal and dig deep pondering the verbs and conjunctions in a passage of Scripture.

Okay, I know—I’m a spiritual dork. I just use to have so much more time to sip and taste Scripture—and hear the Lord through His Word and our praying, journaling conversations.

But mamas, we need the richness of the Trinity these years even more, don’t we? We want spiritual growth while our kids are growing, right?

But how? How can we savor and refresh when we are running full speed just to keep up?

I have an idea!


What is the Gospel, Anyway?

Fresh Start for the New Year

Happy New Year, Mamas!

When I think of the New Year I think of fresh starts, new beginnings, and leaving the yuck from the past behind. So, what a better time to revisit the truth of the Gospel as we plan to follow Jesus this year in motherhood and beyond?

This video is a little longer than my usual, so take a short coffee break and refresh your soul for the New Year.

Much love,


What is the Gospel, Anyway?