Unwanted places
When You Are In An Unwanted Place

“No. We are not living there.” I told my husband when he suggested we move from our house in Southern California and downsize to a small apartment in student housing at seminary in Texas. “I will go, but we are not living there.”

A few months later we lived there. Away from family and known friends—in a petite apartment—in one of the last places I ever thought I would live.

And so many Kingdom connections happened while living in a crunched space those four years. I made life-time ministry friends and experienced understanding support when I traveled through depression. I miss the days of little kids growing up together in the halls of the seminary housing.

Sometimes unwanted places become strategic placements for the Kingdom.

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christmas Picture

I love Christmas! The music, movies, food, games, and of course giving presents. In all the fun, may you experience the true joy of the season: God sending His Son. Merry Christmas!

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Sometimes the best laid Christmas plans are derailed. Fussy kids. Crying baby. Family that cancel. Burned dinner. Strained relationships. How can we celebrate when Christmas plans change?

How to Have Vibrant Spirituality

An Advent Reflection About the Wise Men

God used the Wise Men as the first to announce the Savior’s arrival to the people in Jerusalem and the first to offer this new King extravagant gifts. But their significance continues throughout the centuries to us today—us regular moms on our own spiritual journey.

What can we learn from the Wise Men?


waise men



How can we have vibrant spirituality?


Sometimes the holidays feel more like emotional junk food than spiritual nourishment. How can we feed ourselves as busy moms? Here is one way God is showing me as I nourish the belly of my newborn.

How I See God’s Love Differently This Christmas

An Advent Reflection on Philippians 2:6-8

This Christmas the story of Jesus tangibly tends my heart as I nurse my baby girl while sitting on the hay-colored carpet, shadows cast from a dim corner lamp.

I marvel at the simplicity of God-as-baby. I picture Mary staring at her son’s face in the shadows of the starlight, His fingers thin like strands of hay, His head no larger than her palm. I imagine her staring at her child and soaking in the curvature of His ears, the sound of his breath against her chest, and the dimple on his chin.

He entered the world the same way as His creation: naked and needy.

How I See God's Love Differently This Christmas (more…)

great invitation

This season includes calendars full of invitations.

Staff parties. Family dinners. Door buster sales. Charitable giving.

But what is the greatest invitation this time of year?

Your Invitation

Have you taken time to consider the invitation of the Savior—the invitation to come, believe, and follow?

Do you know Jesus? Have you considered his invitation?

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