The angel Gabriel greeted Mary, “Greetings, favored one!” Favored one? What does God’s favor really look like? What can we learn from Mary’s life about God’s favor? It is most UNexpected.

Read this week’s devotion about Mary and my UNexpected pregnancy here.

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I usually am good at recognizing God’s hand in my life and thanking Him. But what do we learn from Hannah’s example when God gifted her baby Samuel after years of barrenness? How can we show God our thankfulness this year? Quick encouragement for your Thanksgiving day.

What does our spiritual life depend on to remain steadfast? Do we wobble when circumstances change? Or leaders change? A quick thought from Judges Chapters 1-4 for busy moms.

Are We Bad Moms? Truth For The Weary Mom’s Heart

Grace, Growth, and Gifting

I had a classic “bad mom” morning. I woke up late and placed the pressure on the kids. “Get dressed. NOW!” “Eat breakfast. HURRY!” “Let’s go, let’s go! Now, Now!” Result? Tearful and pouty kids. No wonder.

“You’re a mean mommy,” My oldest said as he held his head down during the long elevator decent to the first floor of our apartment building.

Yep. That about summed it up.

Are We Bad Moms?

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But are we bad moms?


Will our children know the works of the Lord so that they are inspired to follow Him? Quick mama encouragement from Judges Chapter 2.

Bridge of Faith

Today is delivery day!

And I am full of trust and faith, but staring fear in the face. I know God is with us. I know God is with baby Karis. And it is with this full confidence that God will never leave me nor forsake me, that I entrust my body to the scalpel and my heart to the new season of mothering a newborn and two older boys.

How About You?

Are you facing a fearful situation and need God to lead you through?

He is with you. He will never leave you. He will strengthen you. He will guide you.

How Can I Pray For You? An Invitation.

Spiritual community is powerful.

Opening myself up to the virtual world of cyber prayer requests this pregnancy left me vulnerable for judgment and criticism.

But I know the power of prayer. And most of my believing and praying friends read social media. So, I sucked up my pride of “what will people think?” I posted—and posted.

Updates. Praises. Requests.

How Can I Pray For You?

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Two Lessons About Prayer: