When present circumstances shake out of control and the future threats with taunts of despair, how are we to find joy? How are we to embrace peace and hope?

In this 20 minute reflection I candidly (and unedited) share what I am learning about God through the difficult season of pregnancy challenges and unclear future.

May you find encouragement for your own journey of faith.


Will God Really Provide For My Needs?

Real Mom Andrea Shares Her Story of Fear and Faith

Will God really provide for our needs?

My friend, Andrea, and her family lost their rental home unexpectedly at no fault of their own. Andrea and Eric considered all their options: should we buy? Can we buy? What homes are up for rent?—No options for their family of five and their animals in rural Nebraska close to Eric’s job. None.

Will God Provide for My Needs?

Speeding towards their deadline, they finally found a house that might work, but the deal derailed.

We picked out a bridge to sleep under,” Andrea jokes—kind of. “We knew we needed to stay in the area for my husband’s pastorate. God called us here. But how would He provide a home?”


Slaying the Anger Dragon in Mothering

Devotion from James Chapter 4

I never considered myself an angry person, but it seems like birthing children also birthed a dragon within me that occasionally wakes from slumber—ready to blow fireballs of roaring yells, burning sentences, and attitude rampages.

slaying the anger dragon

(picture courtesy of freepik.com)

Why do we become angry? (more…)

Is God At Work In My Mothering? Yes.

3 lessons from a church-planting mom

Jenn moved to Poland with her husband, Vance, and sees God at work in her motherhood season starting a church-planting movement. Her days mostly consist of running the home, discipling women in a cross-cultural context, and raising two active boys.

I watch my dear friend from afar handle intense challenges with grace. Yet up close, the struggles of mothering in a different culture and climate sometimes feels painful.

Is God At Work In My Mothering? YES.


How to Stop Anger Before You Snap

I hate it when I say a harsh word or respond to my kids in an irritating tone—angry.

How can we not erupt or respond in snippy attitudes? How can we speak in a way that shows God’s love in us rather than our selfishness?

How To Stop Anger Before Your Erupt

STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. (photo courtesy of pixabay)


STOP what you are doing.

LOOK at God’s Word (or the storehouse of your heart where you have planted His Word).

LISTEN to the Holy Spirit. What is the God-honoring way to interact? Sometimes for me, I need to take a moment in the bathroom to pray and calm down. Or simply talk in a soft tone instead of a quick and harsh one. The Spirit will lead you as you lean into the truth of God’s Word.

So, next time you feel the irritation sprouting up, STOP. LOOK. LISTEN.

Watch the STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. Video Here.

Only God Himself fully appreciates the influence of a Christian mother in the molding of character in her children.


How To Spiritually Refuel When You Are Empty

A Real Mom's Guide

Some days I feel completely empty—like every last ounce of selflessness and goodness is pumped out of me—and sweet faces say, “more please”, clanking their needy glasses.

More of what, child? I’m empty.

Empty from early morning wake-ups, dirty dish pile-ups, Lego tower melt-downs, and toddlers that scream in their car seat, “LET ME OUT!”—as I drive older kiddo to school and already feel behind on the deadlines, bill paying, friend needing help, and what-am-I-making-for-dinner again?

It’s only 8 a.m.

How To Spiritually Refuel

Um, Stop.

Let’s pull over.