When There is Not Enough Time

Have more on your “want to get done” list than ever? I know I do. So I asked a mentor, “how do you know what to do when so many priorities scream for your attention?”

“When I open my eyes for the day I ask the Lord, what are your priorities for me today? And I silently listen. So I make those things my priorities. Some days its caring for my kids all day. Other days its projects or meetings too. But I just do what I sense God is leading me to and don’t worry about the rest,” she said.

Now, I still have time set aside for regularly structured things, like groceries, blogging, and cooking dinner, to name a few. But as I started implementing her advice, I feel so much less stressed when I run out of time but still have boxes unchecked.

This week, may we each pray and ask God “What are your priorities for me today?” And as we listen, may that which we accomplish be enough.

Have a great week!


Double Dose of Mom’s Guilt

Motherhood is not the typical job. There are no office interactions in the middle of naptimes and lego builds. There is no boss giving us quarterly reviews (or raises for that matter). So, how does a mom like me process all the questions of “Am I doing a good job?” and “Why do I feel so guilty?”  Read my guest post on my friend’s blog and see how God met me in a motherhood moment to answer just that.

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