1 Way Santa is Not Like Jesus, Thank God

A Gospel Reflection

Sometimes Christmas feels like a fruit cake of celebrations. Do kids make the distinction of Jesus and Santa? Or do both sweet celebrations mesh together and they just swallow them whole with one bite?

Then this week while driving in the van, Kavin, my eldest, shared a random thought that made the whole Jesus/Santa recipe fall into place for me.

1 Way Santa is not like Jesus

Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Van Ride Revelation

“I’m glad Santa’s not real,” My son randomly said.


“Because no one can be good all the time. Santa keeps track of wrongs, but Jesus forgives us and doesn’t keep a list.”


The Confusion

You see, this time of year I’m confused what we’re celebrating sometimes. As Christians we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Totally. But what does that mean in light of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick?

My family chooses to celebrate Santa by learning about Saint Nicholas and how he was generous because of His love for Jesus. We have fun pretending he comes Christmas Eve, but they know it’s pretend. Still, I wonder how they synthesize celebrating Saint Nick and Jesus the same day.

I think Kavin’s got it right.

The Gospel According To Santa Claus

I’m thankful the Gospel’s not according to Santa Claus. The big guy that sees you all the time and keeps a list of your rights and wrongs.


I’m thankful the Gospel’s about Jesus. He gives us the gift of eternal life even though we’ve been naughty (Romans 3:10).

Thankful For The Gift

This Christmas, as I enjoy fun with the kids opening presents from Santa Mommy and Santa Daddy, I’m gonna be reminded of the greatest gift that does not fade, reserved in Heaven for us: our inheritance in Christ Jesus (1 Peter 1:3-5).

As my son would say, “I’m glad Jesus is not like Santa.”


Father, thank You for giving the best gift in Jesus. Please help me to believe in the truth of the Gospel as I have fun celebrating the season. Please help my children know who You are and I ask for  creative ways to keep the worship and focus on you, while still enjoying the fun around us. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Question: How do you keep the message of the Gospel alive in your home during Christmas? Please share ideas! To leave a comment, just click here.

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